Welcome to Abracadabra

We specialise in a wide range of tattoo's which includes portraits, celtic, wildlife, fantasy, black & grey, tribal and custom.

Friendly open atmosphere. Situated in Gwent, South Wales. Use the contact tab for a map and directions

Award Winning Tattoo Artists

Abracadabra has four tattooists and two body piercers. The tattooists are Dave Fleet, Maria Fleet, Whisky, Graham Owens and Toby Harris.

Come and rate our tattoo's in our tattoo gallery. Here you will find the legendary John and puff the magic dragon. Also some excellent tattoo's by Whisky and some outstanding artwork from our female tattoo artist Maria. Have a chat on our tattoo and piercing forums. Discuss everything from the latest celebrity tattoo or your favorite tattoo convention. If you need further inspiration for your tattoo like tattoo fonts /type or designs then checkout our tattoo related links section.